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to the special interests, it's up to you. >> opening day of the olympics and the u.s. makes a splash. we have highlights from all the competition. baltimore fans tell us what it is like to watch michael phelps battle it out with ryan lochte. those stories and a forecast for sunday and the start of the workweek. >> live, local, late breaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> thank you for staying up with us. the u.s. begins the olympics with a bang. five medals on day one that there was disappointment when michael phelps did not make the top three. traci has the results from olympic park. >> and the so-called pool dual, lochte won the individual medley by a full three seconds. >> i am so happy. i had my family cheering for me. >> michael phelps barely qualified then ended up fourth, his worst since he was a teenager. >> the biggest thing is putting this behind me. >> he had six more chances and become the world's most decorated olympian. in the women's four hundred meter, elizabeth came in second, repr
on generator power. residents are asked to use water only for essential purposes. the restrictions may be in effect until monday. baltimore officials are asking residents to use water wisely so that water tends can refill because of downed trees, all electric fields to the puppy station have been impacted. >> one of the things we are encouraging everyone to do is to continue conserving through this sea waves. even though our reservoirs are in excellent condition, they are virtually filled. it takes a lot of energy, it takes a lot of work at the pumps to produce massive quantities of water. >> avoid filling up pulls and avoiding power washers. at least two deaths in maryland are blamed on the storm, both by falling trees. >> a tree apparently killed a 71-shulman in her bed. kevin o'brien was pronounced dead at the scene. two passengers were treated for minor injuries. crews are surge in the water 50 nautical miles south of annapolis for one person whose fishing boat capsized early this morning. maryland is just one of several states on the receiving end that the severe storm has impacte
reportedly used during the shooting rampage. devices like tear-gas canisters and pepper spray grenades are not meant for civilians. law enforcement uses them for crowd control. authorities warned they could be dangerous in the wrong hands. >> it causes burning of the skin and eyes, closing of the eyes. respiratory issues. nose would be running. they would be coughing, gagging and choking. >> as far as the colorado attack goes, it is not clear what smoke device is the suspect used or where he got them. president obama has ordered all u.s. flags lowered to half staff as a sign of respect for the victims. flags at the white house and military installations will remain at half staff until sunset next wednesday. a people were injured and taken to area hospitals after a four wheeler tipped over. it happened after 10:00 p.m. this evening. baltimore county police are investigating the accident. police in carroll county are investigating a multi built a car crash this evening in mt. airy. if an accident happened at the intersection of route 27 and south main street before 7:00 p.m. there were m
tonight, an unfamiliar weather turn. it gave us a power outage headache. >> none of us can be satisfied until every home is restored. >> a crippling storm doomed thousands into a week of heat and helplessness. >> we are living in hell. >> while it is restored to a quarter of a million customers, saturday will sizzle. >> this will not let up. >> nine people have died in maryland from heat-related causes. >> so far, it will only get worse tomorrow. the air is coming from the west. 104 in cincinnati, 103 in chicago. 107 in little rock. all of that moving our way for saturday. advisories in western maryland, watches and the southern part of the state. to explain how this can impact your health and how this is having a major impact on events around the area this weekend, we're joined live from north of baltimore. >> a little bit compared to a little bit earlier. it has dropped down to 85. all of this heat has impacted festivals this weekend and has forced the mayor to extend the state of emergency for baltimore. >> they he has gotten so bad that they held an emergency meeting ov
increases. the past 12 months are the warmest on record for the mainland u.s. more than half the nation is under a drought, and we could soon suffer the effects at the grocery store. state health officials say at least eight heat related deaths happened since july 2. they say conditions were particularly dangerous. >> she owns the supermarket on welfare road. she say price cuts will trigger increases on everything from meat to milk to bread. she expects the biggest change in the butcher's dept.. >> corn is one of the major ingredients in cow feed. it creates hardship on the farmers to create cattle -- to raise the capital. it will trim herds dramatically. perhaps what you do? >> shoppers say they are already clipping coupons to stretch their grocery budget. she spends over $200 a week. she says she also offers staples which are said to qualify soon. >> hens will lay only small eggs if they lay at all, and it has an impact on the viability. some of the chickens will died. >> it is worrisome news for the seniors and who worry that if the price goes up, it will impact somewhere
it as though it may be energized and call us immediately. >> we have seen some of downed trees and a lot of these neighborhoods do not have power so it is hard to tell where there might be downed trees. use caution to make sure you're not driving over power lines. >> be careful, sheldon. hundreds of utility workers are providing reinforcements. many of the utility workers come from all over the country and even as far north as canada, assisting since last weekend. bge will be footing the bill. >> at least 22 people have died as a result of the storms. officials are also concerned about the improper use of generators which can also yield that these results. >> use them safely. place them 20 feet away from your home and make certain it is not been a leading toward the house that would allow carbon monoxide to seep in through the windows and door building. >> carbon monoxide is a lethal because you cannot see it, smell it, or tasted. symptoms are similar to that of a fluke. how are residents dealing with no power for almost one week? kai reed joins us with that part of the story. >> we spen
around richmond. to the west of us, that is where the air will be coming from. it was 103 in chicago today. all that is spreading east. did not expect any cooling trend. we're still in the upper 80's in downtown baltimore in this late hour. more triple digit heat is on the way as we head into the weekend. there is a little bit of relief in a seven-day forecast. >> thousands without power at this hour. bge has restored electric power to 94%. the company had power back onto more than 691,000 customers. over 34,000 still remain in the dark. it is focused on repairing secondary lines. it continues to deal with severe damage to the equipment. we checked in at the customer contact center. they have fielded more than a million calls since friday's storm. >> we staff over 200 laps, 12- hour shifts. we realize that we are here to support our customers. >> bge is providing an estimated time when customers can expect to be power ready again. the utility cautions that callers will only did an estimated time of restoration. they also say if the message tells you the power is back on and it is not
shooting on a nail salon on richardson valley road. what more can you tell us? >> howard county police are searching for the gunmen who took off after the shooting. we are set up a few feet away from where the shooting happened. it is an act of seeing. [inaudible] the shooting happened around 7:00 p.m. tonight in this busy shopping center off of waterloo road. it is the same shopping center that has some popular restaurants -- there is a starbucks. it happened as a lot of people were out having dinner. police say the shooting appears to be domestic. an armed man walked into the nail and harass a lot and shot a female employee and her male acquaintance. it is unknown what sparked that confrontation but the search continues for the gunmen and patrons of the shopping center are shocked. >> it waws 70 am on a busy saturday evening. you see the police cars. it was a shock. i cannot believe it. >> and it is in said. -- insane. guns and of violence, especially in this neighborhood. >> it seems like a good area. i did not think that anything like that what happened here. >> the victims were ru
but the weapons used illegally, which has opened up the debate about gun control. some say it is a vivid reminder about the need to make weapons harder to get, but defenders of gun rights say that restricting sales one not go to end mass shootings. >> legislators should not be afraid of the nra or gun manufacturers, and should be standing up to say that we will do something -- >> putting restrictions on the law-abiding does not seem to have much impact. >> hollywood studios are uniting this weekend. sony, folks, -- fox, and universal adjoining the distributor of "the dark matter arises" in withholding box office estimates. -- "the dark knight rises" by withholding office estimates. log onto for the very latest on this. several developments out of penn state. a candice landmark is gone, and the school seems to be in big trouble with the n.c.a.a.. >> today, the university removed a statue of the late football coach joe paterno, which had become a lightning rod for controversy. monday morning, n.c.a.a. will lay out punitive sanctions as the school -- pays for what the report called a comp
line. bge tells us by 2014 once smart meters are installed, they will automatically report the average is for you, setting a lot of weight time on the phone. >> that is something, anyway. after a big storm like this, it is really important to be aware of all repair scams and other consumer frauds. be wary of those who solicit you at your home or business, like traveling salesman. tactics like demanding upfront payments or immediate decisions, also advanced fees and a guaranteed loan to rebuild your home or business. many of you have been sending us your incredible pictures of the damage the storm left behind. here is a utility pole resting precariously on a power line in the nottingham area. another tree into a house in the northwood area. show us what you have been seeing by sending your photos and videos to u local. >> you may be dealing with demijohn your own property. there are some important steps to take to protect yourself and make sure that your claim is processed. >> the best way to do is to take pictures. get a camera, walk around and you the aftermath. take pictures of every
near the victim's house, and police say they did not use protection. podles has been charged with second-degree sex offense and other related charges. they are asking any other potential victims to come forward. he identified himself as a 30- year-old guy named steve encore grindr. he has also been charged with transferring hiv. his brother claimed he had the virus during a bail hearing. because police say podles and his 13-aerobic and did not practice safe sex, and help the farmer wants everyone to be aware. >> if they know someone or are someone who has been with this person, we can provide them with free hiv and other kstp services. >> the grindr app can be downloaded to almost any smart phone or tablet. police are urging parents to know what their children are doing online. >> they need to make sure they know who their children are communicating with. >> podles was released on $75,000 bail and is waiting for his october trial date. >> police in anne arundel county need your help in tracking down several sex offenders. detectives say the five men you see on your screen are
come downtown, it is still open for business. they are encouraging folks to use public transportation or find alternate routes. sheldon dutes -- sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> just another reminder of the challenge of repairing and replacing an aging water system, and is expensive. jayne miller has that part of the story. >> in southwest baltimore today, the 54-inch of water transmission line that is under repair was unearthed, revealing the trouble the city is trying to stay ahead of. there is always the potential of a disastrous water main break. >> basically the pipe is deteriorating rapidly. the whole project is replacing these three sections of pipe. yesterday a 20-inch water main broke at a key intersection. it was disruptive, but by no means unusual. cracking pipes are problems nationwide. a report published this year on the nation's aging infrastructure estimates of a trillion dollars will be required to update the country's drinking water system grew 2035. >> there is not likely to be a giant federal solution for the problem. what it comes down to is water rates. as we be
in with tony on what is in store for the coming days. our most of the storms behind us? >> core right now. -- for right now. sometimes we have to pay the price with severe weather, and that is what happened at earlier this afternoon. there is nothing around baltimore right now but there are some storms in the mountains. those will stay out around charleston, west virginia. the bigger story is, we have broken the heat wave. that will take it down to 92 tomorrow. still hot, but better than today when we hit 104. hopefully we will get some much- needed rain in the next few days. >> from heat related deaths to widespread power outages, the extreme heat wave has taken a toll on maryland. now is being blamed for two house buyers in anne arundel county. sheldon dutes has the latest part. >> firefighter from the anne arundel county fire department were kept busy tonight. >> it struck right at the corner of my house. it was scary. >> edward thomas was at home making dinner with his wife when a thunderstorm passed brute arnold. >> i looked out the back door and a bolt of lightning came down and hit
. and it was perfect. >> two silvers for the u.s. tonight. in synchronize the diving and allison schmidt's second heard >> it is going to be ryan lochte to ancho. >> after beating him saturday, ryan lochte teamed up with michael phelps. they won silver. >> i went out there and did my best. >> i had to get over last night. i was pretty frustrated by last night. there is nothing better than swimming in a real lead. >> another come back and knee 100 meter breast stroke. >> everybody wrote me off. at the end of the day, i did well. was the first individual american to metal five times in a row. >> that was what was going through my mind. cannot let the tears start slowing yet. >> world champion jordan lieber failed to qualify. >> it is disappointing. >> replacing her? the team caption. >> the fab 5 moves on as a team ranked number one. >> and that second place six finish by michael felt was not what they were hoping for. the question is can he finish the job he went to london to. , what do fans say? >> the reaction has been all over the place. some people think that michael phelps and dropped the ball. oth
the obstacles of irving candice have to overcome his physical agility and restrictions about past marijuana use. >> we want people that live here who understand the city, who know the city, and who are from the neighborhoods and understand the problems that are going on. >> officials say that new efforts are under way to better qualify city residents as candidates. an army staff savage and has made the ultimate sacrifice. -- staff sgt has made the ultimate sacrifice. he was killed while on patrol in afghanistan. he graduated from ken wood high school in 1999. officials say he will be awarded the bronze star medal and the purple heart. sgt brandon pepper was 31 years old. if you notice a green liquid fluid through the waterway, officials say it is only a test. they're conducting a test as part of an ongoing effort to observe and improved the water quality. it will help determine the location of potential leaks. this is one week after a 20 inch main broke. we are told it cleans up with water. leaders were gathered for what could be a make or break meeting about expanded gambling at the office of
clue. for us to speculate on a motive would be unfair. >> there are still a lot of questions around the case, but here is what we know so far. police said gunmen showed up at violet ripken's home between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and then forced to enter -- forced her into our own car. a neighbor says he has spoken to her about her ordeal. he accosted her in the garage, tied her up and put a mask on her and daughter in the backseat of the car and drove off. >> it was not until sometime tuesday evening that her car was spotted in baltimore county. that is when she was officially reported missing. not long after that, something called eric schneider's attention. >> i saw all something like being laid out side of a car. she informed me she was left there and that her feet were bound. >> she was located this morning and harm, in her vehicle, in close proximity to verbeek -- in close proximity to her residence. >> mrs. lincoln's neighbors are still trying to make sense of what happened. ripken's neighbors are ca trying to make sense of what happened. >> the family has released the followin
's 2012 u.s. olympic team. gabby douglas, mckayla maroney, aly raisman, kyla ross, and jordyn wieber! >> what we're told is that the team, the four team women who competed here tonight are all back in the locker room. they have been told who the team is. and maybe what is going on right now is they're trying to decide if they still come out as a full team woman unit or not. or something even less dramatic, greater than the five. >> for all of them back there, this is the greater emotion than they most likely have ever experienced in their entire lives. these athletes have grown up together in the sport of gymnastics. they truly are good friends and for those that fell a little bit short, it is devastating, and they all want to be there to console and congratulate. this is america's team! ♪ >> i think they did it right. the committee got it right. and this team, they are undoubtedly the favorites to win gold come london time. >> and for both the men and the women, they have trained so hard together. they are committed, they are committed to going to london and making every effort to
in locating a vehicle reportedly used in a homicide. investigators say three men took off in the victim's 2004 silver honda odyssey after shooting him several times. it happened around 10:00 p.m. sunday night in evisham avenue. detectives say the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. the victim, hammond bridges, died from his wounds. >> the man accused of plotting a terrorist attack in prince georges county is still undergoing a mental health evaluation. formal challenges -- charges still havhad to be filed. he told his supervisor he would attack the work place after a burning he was soon to be fired. he reportedly referred to himself as the joker. a search of his apartment uncovered dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of commission. charges have been filed against the man accused of killing 12 and wounding dozens more inside a colorado movie theater. james colmes has been charged with several crimes including 24 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder. two counts for each of the dozen people killed and 58 injured. holmes sat silently without reacting as he heard the
. >> right but the strongest weather has been to the north of us. we'll take a look at the radar moving through southern pennsylvania. a little rain went through the city here. and by far the worst of the weather is near philadelphia and those big storms are moving offshore now. there is another storm activity coming out of west, virginia so we're likely to see one more band of rain coming here tonight. you can see rain estimates. two bands of rain mostly north of us and south of us. baltimore's been in kind of a hole with all of this and we've only received generally here in the metropolitan area. the heat and humidity will be up for quite a while as we go into the week with some hot but not record-breaking temperatures. forecast details just ahead. a baltimore police officer is on administrative leave after shooting and killing a man in northwest baltimore. authorities identify the man as devante bowman. he was with a semi-automatic gun. he took off leading to a brief chase. one of the officers fired his gun killing him. >> the state medical examiner is conditioning an autopsy of a ma
that this main break may have happened because of all days. -- old age. peeper downtown were better off using an ark to get around. >> we rushed out to see what was going on. we saw all of the water coming out of the streets. >> with cars already creeping as low speeds because of rush hour, the water main could not have broken at a worse time. >> traffic was tied up for blocks and blocks in just about every direction. i am glad i am walking. >> it is very dangerous when you have a child with you. >> the apartment public-works says it was built in the 89 the's is most likely deteriorated because of its old age -- in the 1890's. it most likely deteriorated because of its old age. >> you how water gushing underneath the asphalt and that is going to cause a void under there. that happens with even small main breaks. >> right now you are looking at repair crews still out here where the main break happen. crews have been here since this morning and they're working through the night. as a result of all of the construction that is happening, they are telling people to expect delays for the morning co
:00 and landed at bwi thurgood marshall about a half-hour later. a cleaning solvent used by the flight crew triggered hazmat and flight crews to sample the air quality. everyone was checked out before heading on to chicago on another plane. some alarming surveillance video from prince toward discounting has police on the hunt for two masked men. look at this bold armed robbery in progress. you see them jump over the counter of an exxon gas station in laurell. the clerk is forced to open the register and then get to the floor. anyone with information can call crime stoppers. a simple traffic stop for tailgating turned out to be something much more serious. a maryland state trooper pulled over boyd yesterday afternoon. investigators arrested him after finding thousands of packets of heroin inside the car, drug paraphernalia, and more than $70,000 in suspected drug money stuffed in shoeboxes. we are told a heroine has a street value of more than $100,000. wells fargo will soon make a big payout to baltimore city. the company agreed to the settlement that it engaged and lending practices target
to like us and see we are trying to do the right thing. >> these are every three months. julius henson a free man. he was released because of overcrowding and days off for good behavior. a judge sentenced him to 60 days in joe for his role indy 2010 robocalls. this is after he petitioned the court to visit his mother who is being treated in a hospital. >> he was with his mother this morning and he went right to the hospital. i am sure he is near the -- there now with his sisters. >> his co-defended did not receive a prison time. james clackum is drafting a new social media policy in response to what the department's views as inappropriate tweeets. david collins has the details. >> firefighters upset over the contract offer, closures, and the fact that their boss and his staff of got raises, are letting off steam through social media. tweets are airing gripes about policies. the spokesperson issued a statement that says, "our goal is not to silence the voice of the membership. it is to establish guidelines and boundaries to communicate their concerns. we want members to communicate in a
-- james stairhead become snarled in a scandal surrounding john leopold was charged with using his security detail for personal and political gain appeare. sheldon is live in anne arundel county with details on that and the woman that will replace him. >> major pamela davis will take over when and chief tear steps down. she will take over the department on august 1. 11 news caught up with chief james tear out to police headquarters just hours after his resignation was announced. but he didn't have anything to say. until a full-time replacement is found, major pamela dennis will lead the anne arundel police department. this is what we know about for so far. she is a resident who has been on the police force since 1993 and has served in various capacities. she will be the department's first female chief of police and holds a master's degree from johns hopkins and also graduate from the fbi national academy. dr. tyrone powers. >> i think it is a good step, a good interim step. but in the long term, because of what the department is going through and because there will be more investigations, t
frequently high water. tonight storms may more worse than usual. our last video takes us to mount vernon. the burst of strong storms impacted the area. we have reports of damage there. things like tents being blown over and some scaffolding that fell out of place. in view of pictures from the storm, we would like to see them. >> there is a flash flood warning in effect for baltimore city tonight. you can always stay ahead of the severe weather. check out weather alerts on and our app. more on a man who led police in pursuit where it ended with a crash and bailout. >> police initially tried to stop once and for a seat belt violation in the 1800 block of druid hill. he took off and sideswiped several cars and drove onto a sidewalk. officers called off the pursuit when watson left baltimore city. he went to route 100. the car accident on to telegraph road and went across the set -- the center line and slammed into the intersection of morgan station drive. the driver took off and ran into some woods. officers found him in a vacant home half a mile away. residents were returning ho
people who tuned in to watch the spectacular opening ceremony. one of the scary moments came as the u.s. delegation marched through the olympic stadium. >> here they come. alls make no mistake, it is about lady power at the games. the first olympics in which all of the countries have sent female athletes to compete. the u.s. team also has more women than men for the first time. 259 female -- 269 female athletes to 261 male athletes. some athletes probably have their alarm clock going off already. this is the live look from london. the olympics run through august 12. if you could not spare the trip to fly across the pond, our reporter spent some time with some olympic revelers. >> go to a british pub. union jack's was taking reservations for weeks leading up to the opening ceremony. >> a lot of people are eating dinner on the patio and hurrying up so they can come inside and watch it. >> the perfect companion to the exciting start of the london all the games. >> i like to see the different cultures. it is when the whole world can come together. i think it is great that everyone can be on
what the pictures show us. >> many say they have never seen anything like the horror that unfolded here over night. all of the victims have been removed tonight. police begin the difficult task of identification and meeting with family members. back to you. >> shootings brought back some painful memories for family and friends of the baltimore county man. paul schrum was randomly shot to death in a movie theater. the similarities do not stop there. we spoke to one of his friends tonight. >> because of the shooting, those who came to see the movie tonight were faced with heightened security, including here at the rotunda in north baltimore. that does not compared to so much family -- families had to face. >> this person is still scarred from the movie theater of his friends six years ago. even changed the way he watches movies. >> i try to go to the end just to make sure i can see what is going on. >> he remembers like it was yesterday when his friend were shot to death as he watched an x-men movie inside the now closed center 9. >> i was petrified. i did not know what to think. >> he pe
white clothing, use an umbrella for shade. >> as the region endorsed triple digit temperatures, some are having a worse luck than others. today was the no. 8 for some without air-conditioning about 200 customers are still waiting for power as a result of last friday's storm. officials with pg&e say that all storm-related outages, all storm-related outages are expected to be restored by tomorrow. 21 at emergency cooling centers have been open all day to cope with the high heat. each location offers ice cold water. city cooling centers will remain open tomorrow from 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. we have more information on heat-related illnesses and the location of emergency cooling centers on our website, you will also find them on your mobile device with our free smart phone app. >>> baltimore city police are searching for a missing teenager. we are told that 15-year-old cameron wilkerson went missing from the 2900 block of edison highway wearing a white shirt, white shorts, and black sneakers. officials say he suffers from a developmental disabilities. a
my phone over there and use her computer 40 minutes to see what has been going on on my computer, and i am running out of batteries for anything else that is running in my house. >> many residents are still wondering when their power will come back on. a good part of the storm damage has yet to be cleared by cleanup crews. >> we have a tree down on all line which is still hanging on the line. it is preventing people -- is going across a small little road where people live at the end of the road. they cannot drive up the road now with a vehicle because they cannot make it under the tree. >> it has cost me about $80 a day in fuel. >> residents say for the most part, the entire community has been helping each other get through the outage. howard county executive says crews are making progress in their efforts to get things back to normal. he says the county assessment determined all roads are open and all traffic lights are functioning, even in the hardest-hit areas. in the thousand remain without power tonight, he went to fire stations and community centers to thank workers for the
cavanaugh is live in north baltimore with the latest. >> officials tell us there are about 300 liquor stores in baltimore city, about a third of which are located in residential areas. now several city agencies want to change the loopholes that allow liquor stores to operate in neighborhoods, all in the interest of making those neighborhood safer, they say. >> he caters to divert clientele at his mount vernon liquor store. his father started the business 45 years ago when he emigrated from korea. the city estimates that 90% of neighborhood liquor stores are owned by korean americans. the new zoning proposal would make that business model obsolete. >> it is their retirement. you cannot just take that away with no compensation. >> poor public health outcomes and more violent crimes are associated with these neighborhoods that have concentrations of liquor outlets. >> he says stores like his villain need in the neighborhood, often operating despite criminal activity. >> people that are brought up in that environment are not going to change because there is no liquor store. >> hundreds of custom
abuse center also tells us the penn state situation has prompted a flood of calls. they're interested in getting better training for staff. >> police said classified the death of a woman whose body was found inside an apartment as questionable. the body of the 41-year-old -- investigators said the man was arrested on unrelated charges, but is being questioned about the woman's death. an autopsy was unable to determine the exact cause of death because the body was so badly decomposed. city police believe three people they've been involved in a stabbing in northwest baltimore. police said the victim stumbled into oncoming traffic and the 5100 block after the attack. that person was taken to the hospital, no word on the victim's condition. we're following breaking is at a baltimore city. police are investigating a serious shooting in west baltimore. we're told that happened about half an hour ago. homicide detectives are on the scene because of the serious nature. baltimore county police have linked a suspect in a recent burglary to a sexual assault case. ricky marion bostic tried to bre
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